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Shopping FAQ's

What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 12-5pm

Where are you located?

We have 3 stores all located in the Primavera plaza at 148 Brighton Ave. Long Branch, NJ 07740

Is all of your clothing used?

No, we accept both new and used clothing. We have a great selections of new and used at a fraction of their retail cost. Many of our consignors bring in brand new items, and we price them to sell. There are plenty of new items here for you with huge discounts.

What is your return policy?

Since we are consignment, all sales are final. This is due to the way we pay our consignors; they are paid out upon purchase. For these we cannot process any refunds. click here .

Do you offer layaway?

Yes! We offer a two week layaway on clothing and home goods, and a one week layaway on furniture. We require a 20% non-refundable deposit. Items on layaway cannot be exchanged or removed at any time. Failure to complete payment within the given time frame will result in forfeiture of deposit.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, absolutely! We offer gift cards in any denomination, and they'll work at any of our stores in the Primavera plaza. If you'd like to purchase a gift card give us a call at 732-272-1416.

Consignment FAQ

What is consignment?

Consignment is an agreement between a supplier (that's you!) and seller (that's us!) to pay the supplier after the goods are sold. More than that, it's a great way for you to earn money while emptying your closet.

As a new consignor, do I need an appointment to consign?

No, you can come in anytime during our business hours to start consigning. We can look up to 25 items and give you back what we don't accept to give you an idea of what we do and do not take. Or you can bring in as many items as you'll like and we will donate whatever we don't accept.

As an existing consignor, do I need an appointment to consign?

No, you can come in anytime during our business hours to drop off as long as it's okay to donate. However, if you'd like your items to be gone through and given back you WILL have to make an appointment. We do NOT look at items on the spot without an appointment. During a clothing appointment we look up to 50 items max and 15 items max for homegoods.

How long do you try to sell my items?

We will keep your clothing and home goods for 45 days before they are donated. Larger pieces of furniture will stay on the floor for 60 days. You can, however, come to pick up your items before that date. If you do not want your items donated, it is your responsibility to keep track of the date you dropped off, and to come pickup.

Can I reconsign an item if it doesn't sell?

We do not accept items for reconsignment after being on the floor for 45 days. There needs to be at least a month between when an item comes off the floor, and we accept it again. This prevents the merchandise from getting stale, and keeps our customers coming back.

How much can do I get for my items?

You will receive 40% of the selling price on all items consigned with us. We price items to sell. We generally price items for 1/3 of the original retail price. However, certain brands and designer items pull a higher price tag.

How can I find out if my item sells?

The consignor login section is a great spot to check your account, but you can, of course, always call 732-272-1416.

How do I get paid?

You can come in to the store whenever you have a balance to receive payment. You can also use your credit in store for all purchases. We send checks upon request for amounts over $50.

Can I consign if I don't live nearby?

Yup! Email us at backontheracks@yahoo.com We will send you a drop off form. All you have to do is fill that out, and send us a package with the items you'd like to consign. If you do not wish to have these donated, you will need to send us return postage as well.

Do you do buyouts?

Absolutely, we generally offer $1-$3 per item. It's great if you want cash on the spot, and don't want to wait for you items to sell to get paid.

Do I have multiple accounts for your different stores?

No, we recently just made the switch to make it easier for you. All of our stores are linked, and your balance is for all of the stores.

Furniture Consignment FAQ

How does furniture consignment work?

It's all depending on the size of the piece. For larger sized items like couches, large dressers, armoirs, etc... You'll need to send us a picture of each item to backontheracks@yahoo.com From there we'll approve you for drop off or pickup within 48 hours. For smaller items such as night stands, chairs, and home decor items you can stop by the store with a drop off, and we will go through your items at the store.

Do you offer pickup or delivery services?

Yes! We offer local pickups and deliveries servicing Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

    Monmouth County

  • $25 Up to 5 miles
  • $35 5-10 miles
  • $45 10-15 miles
  • Ocean County

  • $75 Flat Rate
All pickups and deliveries are to and from the first floor. A $10 fee is added if items are not on first floor. All pickups are subject to a final decision by the driver.